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Congregation Ahavath Sholom is a warm and welcoming community, in which people of many backgrounds and beliefs can come together to worship and explore the richness of the Jewish tradition.

Founded in 1926, Ahavath Sholom is affiliated with the Jewish Reconstructionist Communities and is committed to maintaining the traditional practices and values of Judaism and Jewish life in the context of modernity.

Inclusiveness is a central aspect of a Reconstructionist community. We welcome all Jews and those with an interest in exploring Judaism, regardless of race, sexual orientation, financial ability, or prior knowledge of Judaism or the Hebrew language. We respect the interfaith backgrounds of many of our members and families, and deeply appreciate the decision to commit to our synagogue. Members of Ahavath Sholom are not mere observers but active participants in all aspects of synagogue community life.  We provide opportunities for our members to grow in knowledge in order to make informed decisions about their personal and religious lives. All are encouraged to choose a level of participation that is comfortable for them. With thoughtful guidance by our Spiritual Leader, our Board and the Ritual and Spiritual Life committee, our synagogue reflects one of the deeply held values of Reconstructionist Judaism—the respectful partnership of leader and congregation in creating a healthy religious community.

Our religious school provides a nurturing and meaningful learning environment for our children with an emphasis on creating a lifelong love of Judaism, a sense of belonging to the Jewish people and responsibility for kol yoshvei teiveil, all those who dwell in this world.

Weekly Friday night and Saturday morning worship, festival, and High Holy Day services are participatory through congregant involvement in liturgy, Torah, music and discussion. Our prayer book series, Kol Haneshamah, a publication of the Reconstructionist Press, makes worshiping in a meaningful way accessible to all who join us for services.

We invite you to contact us for more information and hope you will visit us soon.

Ahavath Sholom Board of Directors

Sandra Flannery

Walter Orenstein
Vice President

Marty Stransky

Lisa Chamberlain


Alison Adams-Weinberg
Arthur Hillman
Dona Kahn
Jen Margo
Guy Pancer
Richard Richter
David Scribner
Paul Solovay